EEWA produces vertically mounted sealers and trim sealers are so designed that the filled bag is moved under the sealing jaws by hand or conveyor standing at the machine. Operator pulls open end of the bag between the sealing jaws and then press the pneumatic foot switch of machine. It will make to close the jaw and start the sealing process. These Machines are designed for bulk bag sealing. The production speeds vary according to the type and thickness of sealing bag and also the operators skill.

Vertically Mounted Sealers and Trim Sealers Machine Manufacturer
  • Pneumatically controlled semi-automatic operation
  • Horizontal jaw movement
  • Seals aluminum foil and any poly laminated film pouches
  • quickly and efficiently.
  • Seals materials up to 40″ wide (model dependent).
  • Seal width is 10 mm- 12 mm
  • Hot Bars available in plain, serrated type, lining design
  • Heat controlled by the accurate digital temperature controller
Vertically Mounted Sealers and Trim Sealers Machine Sample
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