Looking to the fast development in the packaging field some typical industries now introduced by using valve type thermoplastic heat sealed bag, particularly, polymer. chemical fertilizer & petrochemical industries for packing their products.

The main attraction of the valve type bags are it’s shape, the durability and the best preserving capacity of the containing material. Eight corner valve type bag can be manufactured from the flat tubes of LDPE / HDPE / EVA and even from the multilayer films also.

EEWA produces both standard & deluxe model type one full set of equipments for manufacturing eight corner valve type bags from thermoplastic tubes. Deluxe model design for larger production quantities. A set of equipments consists with blanking machine. Top sealer, bottom sealer, tagging sealer for top and bottom, valve fixing machines etc

Blanking machine is pneumatically powered machine used for cut the plastic tubing in uniform size. Operator simply pulls the tubing to the desired bag length and a trips as switch to start to cutting cycle. Afilm roll holder provided for easy movement of films to the cutting jaw.

Tagging table is used for tagging the trimmed bag before it has to take on the top or bottom sealer. EEWAoffers both foot pedal operated or pneumatically operated tagging table.

Valve Type Thermoplastic Heat Sealed Bag Making Machine
Valve Type Bag Making Machines Sample

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