Skin Packing Machine

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EEWA produces Skin Packaging Machine in semi-automatic model and also in different sizes. Machines are designed specifically to perform skin-type packaging. It is not a vacuum forming machine adapted from such purpose. In this process mould or die is not required. Atough layer of clear PVC film surrounds even/complex shapes, locking the product firmly to the pre-adhesive coated support card in skin packing.


  • Automotive parts (Gasket, Oil Seals)
  • Engineering parts (Compressor parts & Bearing tools)
  • Electrical and Electronic components
  • Computer parts
  • Hardware items
  • Kitchen ware
  • House hold items
  • Gift articles
  • Cream cup
  • Drinking glass
  • Tea & coffee cups
  • Plastics roof tiles
  • Disposable soap boxes
  • Liquor bottles

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  • Machine works with PVC
  • Resistances of low thermal inertia allow the machine to be turned on at each cycle preventing waste of energy.
  • The high temperature of the resistances causes a high transmission of infrared waves to the card allowing a perfect sealing between plastics and card.
  • Does not require preheating time to start product.

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