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Eewa Engineering offers industrial packaging solutions in India and abroad for all your business needs, and our packaging solutions are smart that matches your needs.
Providing packaging solutions for the industrial sector has been a cornerstone of Eewa Engineering’s extensive history, spanning over 50 years. Currently, our focus lies within the Telecom, Vehicles, Energy, FMCG, and Healthcare Equipment industries and the many challenges that they can face when shipping their product from one place to another.
Our goal is to provide comprehensive packaging solutions that reduce your total cost while also reducing your environmental effect. We can provide you with engineered solutions that are tailored to your individual needs. We excel in offering solutions that are optimised for various modes and conditions of transportation while paying close attention to the product’s needs and characteristics.
Chemical Industry

Pouch packaging Machines

We are a leading Manufacturer of automatic pouch packing machines and have a major client base across the country
Cartoning packaging

Cartoning Packaging

For many years, Cartoning Equipment has been a difficulty for many businesses. We have provided optimized solutions for the entire industry

Plastic Pouch Packaging

We have risen to prominence in the industry by supplying Packaging Pouch, which is in high demand; we have optimized the complete process for all Industries.
packing machine
packaging machine
Heavy Duty Hot Bar Type Heat Sealing Machinery1
Sealing Machine With Vacuum + Gas Purging System3


Industrial packaging has a lot more ramifications than consumer packaging. For starters, in most circumstances, the packaging material must be of considerably higher quality, as it covers possibly more precious and delicate objects. Another consideration is that there must be a considerably wider range of packaging materials available, as many more requirements and aspects to consider.


At Eewa, our business is ensuring that yours runs smoothly, with packaging that can help move your product through your supply chain safely and securely. Below are focus areas for which we provide leading industrial packaging solutions.

Cosmetic Industry
Apparel Industry
Packaging Solution Auto industry
packing machine
packaging machine
Heavy Duty Hot Bar Type Heat Sealing Machinery1
Sealing Machine With Vacuum + Gas Purging System3


A full packaging solution implies that we can provide all of the necessary packaging components for your circumstance, not just one. This makes Eewa a one-stop-shop, and it also ensures that each component works in perfect harmony with the others. We can assess what components would be required for your product, even if this means something different for each buyer.

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