EEWA produces pneumatically operated semi-automatic Plastics Tube Filling, Sealing, batch Coding, Trimming Machine. Major brand confidence in EEWAhas enabled the company to become one of the world’s leading manufacturer of Filling and Sealing Machines for Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Products in Plastic Tubes.

To gain that rank and recognition in the world of pharmaceutical and cosmetic goods, in the demanding world of quality, the company has based its development on building up a relationship of trust with its customers.

  • Electrically operated pneumatically controlled semi-automatic operation
  • Hot air type sealing system
  • 10 / 12 cups station
  • Output up to 30 cycles per minute
  • Intermittent motion, single station rotary table layout
  • Precision cam controlled operation
  • Precise control of fill volume
  • No tube/ no fill
  • Manual tube loading
  • Automatic ejection of filled tube sealed end first
  • One set of size parts with PVC tube holders
  • Stainless steel product hopper
  • Welded tubular steel frame base, machine painted in “steel-it” stainless steel paint
  • Lifting of the tube under the nozzle for bottom up filling
  • Modular design allows for easy access to all components
  • Sealed tube testing equipment for testing sealing strength of sealed tube
Pneumatically Operated Semi-Automatic Plastic Tube Filling Machine
Semi-Automatic Plastic Tube Filling Sample

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