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‘L’ Sealer

‘L’ sealer is a basic sealing machine to wrap and seal the product to be shrink-wrapped with shrink film, which is in folded roll form. The product will be wrapped in the shrink film and seal in the L seal area. Sealing types available are manual hand operated / pneumatically operated type. After sealing, the product is moved into a shrink tunnel for shrink wrapping.

‘U’ Shape Sealer

In the manufacturing of explosive plastic bag, EEWAproduces a specially designed machine for making the bag with a ‘U’ shape sealing design. Roll Guide is provided on the backside of the Sealing Jaw for the insertion of the film roll. This will enable the operator for easy movement of film on the sealing jaw.

  • Pneumatic Semi-Automatic operation
  • Film feeding manually
  • Film roll guide
  • Easy to operate. Set the timer, insert the film between the sealing die and press the footswitch.
  • Servo based machine is also available for mass production.

Continuous Belt Sealer

EEWA produces a continuous belt sealer for seal bags, pouches with greater speed and output. This type of sealers is ideal for sealing plastic bags of virtually any size and length. The built-in adjustable speed conveyor belt carries the loaded bag through the sealer.

Drum Sealer

The handheld heavy-duty sealer is designed for sealing foil/lid on a plastics drum/barrel where the sealing head must be brought to the work. The machine is built up with a heated sealing head and a separate power supply unit.

Foot Operated Vertical Mounted Open Bags Sealer

The manual and foot pedal operated impulse sealer designed for with unobstructed jaw to close vertically standby bags. The easy access in and out of the trim sealing jaws makes it convenient for the operator to bring the filled bags to and from the machine. The machine seals airtight/watertight sealing of polyethene and thermoplastics.

Hand Sealer

The Hand operated economy Impulse bag sealers are great for quick, easy, nice-looking seals at an economical price. Ideal for start-up or low-production needs where large packaging equipment is not appropriate. It seals many thermoplastic film/bags like PE, PP, LDPE, LLDPE, HM, HDPE. It is adjustable for temperature control to seal film of different thickness. It is adjustable for temperature control to seal film of different thickness. There are Vide Variety of Customized solutions available for the same.

Liner Sealer

EEWA produces a semi-automatic foot switch operated direct heat Sealer designed for sealing empty liner bag. The Machine is particularly designed for HDPE Woven Sack sealing.

Pillow Press and Sealer

The machine is used for bailing fluffy products like pillow core, quilt and mattress. It can reduce both the size of package and transportation charges, make the product dampproof, dustproof and easy to carry about. Put a pillow core into a plastic film bag. Put the bag into the baling press. Then step down the footswitch. The pressing plate will automatically press the pillow core flat and automatically seal the bag by heat. When the sealing line cools down, loosen the step switch. When the press plate rises, take out the pillow core. Thus one operational cycle is finished.

Plastics Filter Sealer

This custom-designed sealer is designed for sealing blood filter or any such type of plastics filter. The machine is manual hand press type, and where mass production is not required, this machine is ideal and economical. The machine is also suitable for other different applications.

Spout Sealer

The sealer is suitable for sealing a special type pouch filled with a high viscous liquid product. From the developed above 2 sealers, one machine is for sealing one end of the filled pouch and another sealer for sealing fitment fitted in the pouch.

Table Top Impulse Sealer

This Automatic Table Top Impulse Heat Sealer easily seals and secures poly bags, poly tubing, or other polyethylene or polypropylene material. Three separate controls allow independent control of dwell time, heat time and congeal time. Switch selectable is for fully automatic or manual operation. It comes with a foot pedal switch for semi-automatic operation.

Form Fit Liner Bag Sealer (Fibc Liner)

FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container), also known as Jumbo Bags, Bulk bags, Tote bags, etc., is an efficient and economical way of packing dry bulk material. FIBC come in various shapes, sizes, capacity and specification depending on the product to be packed in them.

Round Bottom Bag Sealer

The machine is used to seal round bottom bags. It creates the bags in perfect roundness with precise diameter. A punching facility is given as a part of an assembly where precuts of round bottom films are cut.

Plate Sealer

The portable plate sealer is ideal for sealing round, rectangular, triangular & vertical/horizontal shaped packets. The accurate thermostat spreads the temperature very precisely and evenly over the surface, and therefore, the particular shaped object may be sealed perfectly. The standard type is suitable for poly-coated aluminium foil, waxed paper and any heat sealable poly laminated paper.

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