PTFE Sintering Oven
Eewa Engineering

PTFE Sintering Oven

PTFE Sintering Oven

EEWA produces PTFE Sintering Oven suitable for PTFE products/components sintering and also for heat treating. It offers Sintering Oven in different sizes as per the client’s requirement. Our PTFE Sintering Oven is good at temperature uniformity, high degree of automation and stability.


  • Inside and outside body fabricated from stainless steel or mild steel as per customers requirement.

PTFE Sintering Oven - Features

  • Internal air circulation for good temperature distribution
  • Excess temperature cut-off
  • Control equipment electrically interlocked
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Single owing type comprising a door front of heavy gauge steel
  • Provided air inlet and exhaust system
  • Provided open type strip heater for required heating load
  • Composite blanket insulation
  • Separate control panel board
  • PLC display is available