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Drying Oven

Drying Ovens, also referred to as Dryers, are typically used to remove moisture from water-based coatings and adhesives. Drying Ovens are also used for removing water from the surface or interior of certain products or substrates. EEWA Drying Ovens are designed and built to your specific requirements for part size, production rate and thermal characteristics.

Oven and Heater

EEWA’s heating technologies designs and manufactures standard and custom thermal processing systems with various configurations. It produces a wide range of Industrial Electrical Ovens with different temperatures for applications like Curing, Dehydrating, Bonding, Aging, Preheating, Sterilization, Fusing, Laminating and many other applications. We serve many industries like plastics, engineering, Electrical, Electronics, Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Surgical, Rubber, Bakelite and many other industries.

PTFE Sintering Oven

EEWA produces PTFE Sintering Oven suitable for PTFE products/components sintering and also for heat treating. It offers Sintering Oven in different sizes as per the client’s requirement. Our PTFE Sintering Oven is good at temperature uniformity, high degree of automation and stability.

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