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Volumetric Cup Filler

EEWA produces the WF Series of Volumetric Cup Filling Systems offer an economical, high-quality solution for filling dry, free-flowing products. It offers WF series filler machine in different ranges from 25 gm to 5000 gm filling. You can easily adjust the versatile EEWA models to allow for the change in volume and rate of filling speed, and more this is done with no loss of accuracy.

The durability and reliability of EEWA filling machines, heavy-duty components and simple design will keep your operation run smoothly.


Volumetric Cup Filler - Features

  • Totally enclosed structure body painted with special enamel colour.
  • 25 gm to 5000 gm filling can be possible with a simple method
  • Approx 15 fillings per minute, and it is variable up to 25 fillings, depending upon product and filling volume.
  • Adjustable speed drive.
  • Easy and simple adjustment for volume cups setting for grammage fixing
  • No wastage of material
  • The counter arrangement is available
  • Suitable platform with collection tray of dropped/slipped materials