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Auger Filler

AF Series Auger Filling Machine is the latest development from EEWA. Its every Auger fillers are designed and built to the customer’s packaging filling needs, with a control system and components adapted to exact product requirements. Speeds are depending upon the product fill.

Liquid Filler

A compact, single nozzle or double nozzle, semi-automatic piston liquid filler for liquid, cream, paste, and other viscous products dispensed in different capacities. The compact size makes it ideal for tabletop / bench-top operations for filling cosmetic and pharmaceutical products into tubes, pouches, and other small containers. Integral cutoff eliminates drips and product waste while saving the expense of separate cut-off accessories.

Volumetric Cup Filler

EEWA produces the WF Series of Volumetric Cup Filling Systems offer an economical, high-quality solution for filling dry, free-flowing products. It offers WF series filler machine in different ranges from 25 gm to 5000 gm filling. You can easily adjust the versatile EEWA models to allow for the change in volume and rate of filling speed, and more this is done with no loss of accuracy.