We are well known entity involved in manufacturing & supplying fully automatic heavy duty sealing machines which are prepared with standard make fittings & accessories. EEWA produces heavy duty pneumatic powered sealers and trim sealers for making extra-long sealing on high temperature materials and very thick or multiple layers of various films and laminates. The welded rectangular structural frame provides the structure stability necessary to make seals for a big size bag / sheets or very wide Hermeticseals are possible. Films can be fed from the front or back of the machine and passed between the sealing jaws for an uninterrupted with the open back design. The machines are available in 50” to 200” sealing length or as per request.

Fully Automatic Heavy Duty Sealing Machine Manufacturer and Supplier
Fully Automatic Heavy Duty Sealing Machine
Heavy Duty Long Length Impulse Type Heat Sealing Machine Model
  • Pneumatically controlled semi-automatic operation.
  • Heavy Duty and sturdy structure
  • Made with Industry Standards.
  • Seals polyethylene bags and any thermoplastic materials quickly and efficiently.
  • Sealing Length available from 50” (1.2 MTR) to 200” (5 MTR) (depends upon model)
  • Seal width: 8,10,12,15mm.
  • Equipped with Standard make Fittings & Accessories.
  • Upper & Lower Heating Element.
  • More Options: can be Discussed.
  • Customized product with a Single Quantity is our specialty.
  • If you are unsure of the material send Eewa a sample for us to test and recommend the best heat sealer.

Heavy Duty Sealing Machine
manufacturing & supplying fully automatic heavy duty sealing machines
  • Any kind of lap, butt and hems sealing.
  • Sign board, posters and billboards.
  • Canal, pond lining.
  • Swimming pool cover, canopy.
  • Silo type grain bag.
  • Flexible tank.
  • Onion tank.
  • Container liner.
  • Infinite length sealing.
  • LDPE; PP; EVOH, Mono & multilayer films, Tri-laminates films & foils
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