An inert gas is a gas which does not undergo chemical reactions under a set of given conditions. The noble gases often do not react with many substances. Inert gases are used generally to avoid unwanted chemical reactions degrading a sample. These undesirable chemical reactions are often oxidation and hydrolysis reactions with the oxygen and moisture in air. The term inert gas is context-dependent because several of the noble gases can be made to react under certain conditions.

For a packaging machine a process and apparatus are provided whereby simultaneous with product discharged into the interior of the bag during the filling segment of the form, fill and seal cycle, a gas is also discharged into the interior of the bag to purge the interior of the bag and further, a low pressure area is created within the interior of the bag to remove excess purging gas and/or condensing fluids from the interior of the bag prior to sealing the bag. While considering the current packing trend and huge demand for sealing machine with gas flushing (gas flashing) system. EEWA developed and introduced these systems in the machine with latest technology.

Heat Sealing Machinery With Gas Purging

Packaging Max: 5 kg

  • Pneumatically Controlled Semi-Automatic Operation
  • Available in Impulse as well as in Direct Heat Seal Type
  • Sealing Length : 375 mm to 1100 mm
  • Sealing Width : 3 mm to 8 mm in Impulse Sealer and 10 mm to 12 mm in Direct Heat Seal Type
  • Model
  • Bag Height: Min. 300 mm to Max. 1000 mm
  • Can be sealed any PE Film Bag in various thickness as well as Poly Laminated and Aluminum
  • bag (depends upon model)
  • Adjustable Platform
  • Ergonomic design
  • Parallel seal available in impulse type model
  • Power Supply: 110v, 220 V, 440, 3 Phase AC power supply
  • Can operate with or without Gas purging
  • User friendly design
Sample Heat Sealing Machinery with Gas Purging

Bulk Packaging (I.E. 5-50 KG)

  • Pneumatically Pressed
  • Impulse type heat sealing system
  • Robust Structure
  • Material of Construction : Mild Steel /Stainless Steel Grade 304/316 /316 L
  • PLC based functionally
  • Selection for Heat Sealing with OR Without Gas Purging
  • Seal width : STD 8MM. Options 5,10,12 Millimeters
  • Seal length : 450-1000mm
  • Adjustable Platform
  • Anti-Vibration Mounts –optional castor
  • Customized product with a Single Quantity is our specialty.
  • If you are unsure of the material send Eewa a sample for us to test and recommend the best heat sealer.
Sample Heat Sealing Machinery
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