This manual foot pedal Continuous Heat Sealer is to seal bags made of heat sealable films and materials like Cellophane, coated paper, Polyester Poly, Aluminum foils, Laminates etc. Machine is available in the sealing length of 15” as standard and maximum size in 20”. Selected sealing jaws of Plain, Corrugation, and Diamond design with 10 mm or 12 mm width are available. Accurate temperature controller provided for maintain temperature in sealing bar.

  • Manual Foot Pedal Press operation
  • Heat sealable film / bag of poly laminated, aluminum foil and any poly coated
  • Seal Length available in 15” to 20” size
  • Seal width 10 mm to 12 mm
  • Provision of upper and lower jaw heating element
Manual Foot Pedal Press Continuous Heat Sealer Machine
Foot Pedal Press Continuous Heat Sealer Machine Sample
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