If there exists any figure in Plastics Heat Processing Industry, then Mr. Yogendra Patel stands out to be a true technocrat; in other words, the backbone behind success of EEWA. Mr. Yogendra Patel, Managing Director of this company and responsible for overall operation and foremost influence in developing new products especially fulfilling customers specific manufacturing needs. By education, he comes from electrical background, but has gained for the years greater integrated mechanical experience which works cohesively with electrical processes.

He started EEWA 48 years ago and has brought his vision into reality by spreading its presence from domestic market to the international global market place. Mr. Yogendra Patel have pioneered the below front of EEWA and it has become the leader company in manufacturing sealing machines, packaging machines, filling machines, welding machines, heating ovens and many such related products…

He portrays strong personality which exhibits innovativeness and entrepreneurial attributes which holds the whole organization firmly together. He has unique characteristics of first generation business person who has craved a niche for him to preserve this industry and his foresight has proven to bring this company at par compare to other entities of similar industries. He feels socially responsible and he always wants to serve his industry even besides his business activities; as a result, he served as President of GSPMA (Gujarat State Plastics Manufacturers Association) in 2006. Now, he also continues to be a forefront in committee to contribute further. He also avails himself in PLASTINDIA FOUNDATION, which is one of the respected organizations when it comes to Plastics all around the world.



Mr. Anish Patel has more than 25 years of experience in this equipment manufacturing company. He looks after multi-dimentional operation and diversified his competency into manufacturing activities. He shows his multilayer capability to bring forth too leadership such high energy attitude. He has unique characteristics of attending minute details and that directly attributes to better manufacturing process and quality, especially for company like EEWA for its custom-made machineries. He has dedicated himself in R&D and brings new technology to take this company on to next level.


Mr. Malay Patel has multifaceted background starting for ground root level working experience after study engineering and management from Rutgers University, USA. Mr. Patel has come a long way from migrating from USA and starting his career with EEWA. He is truly people’s person and has brought the same energy to EEWA. He holds keen attention to minute details and can job done with such perfection. MR PATEL introduced new range of machinery to its foray and positioned company on to such excellence by professional marketing and overall exposure to the market. He holds a lot of softskills which directly and in-directly trains people around him and in-return they get informal professional training. He can executes task with accuracy and high speed momentum which enables company associates involvement delivering high yield performance.