EEWA produces semi-automatic foot switch operated direct heat Sealer designed for packaging applications, small quantity and occasional sealing applications. Accurate thermostat controls, sealing temperature of upper & lower jaws for strong, attractive water tight seal. These machines seal all types of laminated films in wide variety of thickness and are also suitable for making empty pouches. Every pneumatic machine are provided with air cylinder, air filter, oil lubricator, and air gauge with suitable capacity and proper range.

  • Pneumatically controlled semi-automatic operated
  • Seals aluminum foil and any poly laminated film pouches quickly and efficiently.
  • Seals materials up to 20″ wide (model dependent)
  • Seal width is 10 mm- 12 mm
  • Hot Bars available in plain, serrated type, lining design
  • Heat controlled by the accurate electronic, thermostatic and precision components
Semi-Automatic Foot Switch Operated Direct Heat Sealer Machine
Heat Sealer Machine Sample
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