EEWA developed this versatile vertical type sealing machine for bulk bag sealing. Commercial Vacuum Sealer is electrically and pneumatically powered operating in continuous flow with synchronized conveyor belt. It can be used to close bags made of all heat sealable materials. Semi-automatic foot switch operated and impulse type sealing machine, suitable for sealing bulk bag and also for plastics liner sealing. The impulse generator consists with digital timer system and all controls are built in separate box fitted on right side of machine. Seals many types of thermoplastics films / bags like PE, PP, LDPE, HM, HDPE and adjustable temperature control to seal film of different thickness.

Electrically and Pneumatically Powered Commercial Vacuum Sealer
  • Pneumatically controlled semi-automatic operation
  • Horizontal jaw movement
  • Seals polyethylene bags and any thermoplastic materials quickly and
  • efficiently
  • Seals materials up to 40″ wide
  • Provision of height adjustment
  • Seal width is 2 mm- 3 mm- 5 mm- 8 mm
  • Two Parallel seals on request
  • Consist with digital timer, temperature and pressure indicator as well as
  • voltage ampere indicator.
  • Adjustable sealing parameters, jaw pressure, temperature,
  • voltage, heat impulse time & cooling time
  • Vacuum system
  • Nitrogen purging system
Sample bulk bag sealing machine
EEWA developed this versatile vertical type sealing machine
bulk bag sealing machine
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