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Eewa Engineering Company Pvt. Ltd. has grown from manufacturing Impulse Heat Sealing Machinery to being a major corporate player and market in the manufacture of a multifaceted range of products in Sealing & Packaging Machinery.
Industrial Heat Sealing Machinery

Industrial Packaging Solutions

Providing Industry Heat Sealing and Packaging Solutions across India
Custom Packaging Solutions

Custom Packaging

Providing Supreme Quality Heat Sealing and packaging solutions across Industry
Packaging For Small Business

Small Business

Supporting Small Businesses by creating efficient and effective packaging Solutions
  • Semi-Automatic and Automatic Sealers
  • Continuous Belt Sealer
  • Foot Operated and Hand Operated Sealers
  • Pillow Press and Sealer
Sealing Machines
Sealing Machines
  • Sealing Machines With Gas Purging
  • Sealing Machine With Vacuum
  • Pouch Sealing Machine
  • Shaped Sealing Machines
Packing Machines
Packing Machines
  • Skin Packaging Machines
  • Box Packaging Machines
  • Shrink Packaging Machines
  • Band Heater
  • Cartridge Heater
  • Industrial Rod Heater
Heavy Duty Sealers
Heavy Duty Sealers
  • Pneumatic Powered Sealers
  • vertically mounted sealers
  • Plastic Tube Sealer
  • manual foot pedal operated sealers
  • Drying Oven
  • Oven and Heater
Get Personalized Solution

Get Personalized Industrial Packaging Solutions

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